As You Were

as you were

New stuff from Pierce Fulton this week. This new gem reminds me of the often rhythmic vibe of artists like Touch Sensitive or old school Fred Falke. It’s a lyricless piece of mood music and I can’t wait to hop on my bike tonight for a sunset cruise with this tune in my ears.

►Pierce Fulton – As You Were

Whit and Gryf

A) Best national anthem performance of all time. B) Check out this epic, bouncy remix Gryffin just threw our way of Whitney’s “I Learned From The Best”. Gryffin’s back at it with his signature staccato bass-plucking and sythn power. Toss in Whitney’s golden pipes and you’re in for a wild Wednesday.

►Whitney Houston – I Learned From The Best (Gryffin Remix)



Ever since his smooth pan-flute collab with FlicFlac on the song “Pictures” we’ve been keeping our eyes on Bearson. Norway seems to be the new Sweden when it comes to the next wave of Djs and this 18yo wonder kid doesn’t disappoint. After his latest touch on this Astonomyy song we figured we’d better say something. Kygo may have a challenger for the throne of 100bpm sexiness, see for yourselves below.

►Astronomyy – Nothin On My Mind (Bearson Remix)
►FlicFlac & Bearson – Pictures Remix



Dream Fiend is at it again with another Synth-Funk, Nu-Disco, Chillwave jam that fits any summer montage. Ok call it what you want but this Australian DJ has it figured out. He gets it. So get him and check out the new Cucumbers remix he released today, it’s tasty like a cuke.

►Cucumbers – Take Care Of Love (Dream Fiend Remix)

Hold On Big Poppa


In case the in your face rap style of Biggie Smalls is a little to hard core for your tastes you can always rely on Matoma to mellow it out. You still get the flow and rhyme of Biggie with a smooth summer sax vibe. It’s like a good margarita; you get one part face-melting tequila and two parts smooth sweet agave nectar and fresh lime juice. Salt that rim and turn up the volume!

► Hold On Be Strong Vs. Big Poppa (Matoma Remix)

Memories That You Call


In time for their new tour, the red hot Seattle duo of Odesza are still pumping out electric new tunes. This newest addition to their arsenal reminds me of The Police’s gem “Walking on the Moon” and is absolutely a feel good track for me this week. Grab tickets to the Odesza shows coming near you this summer and fall!

► ODESZA – Memories That You Call (feat. Monsoonsiren)

Animal Trainer


Add the Swiss producer duo Animal House to the list of new discoveries. Some minimalist house, sexy bass and smooth vocal beats just accompanied me on a seriously enjoyable trail run. These guys will keep you moving, and eventually dancing, for a long time.

► Animal Trainer – Pirate Games
► Animal Trainer – Moon Games


outside“Lets go outside in the sunshine”

This may be an oldie but a goodie…and an obscure one at that. A deep house tune from Danish producer ‘Kant’ that doesn’t belong in a club but rather somewhere more fun…like outside.

►KANT – Outside



The weekend is here and we’re ready to have some fun. It’s only the early afternoon so we’re gonna keep it mellow for a bit and leave you with this smooth electro jam called “Breath” from Croquet Club. Get out of the office and enjoy a little sun before the night’s activity. But we’ll be getting a Beat Box out to you shortly so you can make it through til Monday. Jah feel?

►Croquet Club – Breath

Make Me Feel Better

betterYou make me feel better, so let’s stay together.

Sometimes life is just that simple; if you find people that make you happy, keep them around. That’s how I feel about good music too – if it makes you feel better, keep it playing.

►Alex Adair – Make Me Feel Better